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Power management IC Design

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Portable devices have become more and more common in our daily lives. How to efficiently manage the power of these devices has become a very important topic in recent years. In this course, power management circuits design will be introduced, including the voltage reference circuit, the linear regulator, and the switching regulator.

Voltage reference circuits are usually used to produce an output voltage that is independent of its supply voltage and the temperature variations. Most of them are designed with low voltage and low power to decrease the total power consumption nowadays, for a longer battery life of portable devices. In this course, the low power bandgap reference structure will be discussed.

Linear regulators are generally used to provide a regulated voltage for different sub-systems. The main challenge of these regulators is how to minimize the dropout voltage between the input and the output voltage to achieve the maximum efficiency. Here, the structure and implementation of low-dropout regulator (LDO) will be presented.

Switching regulators are commonly used in many complex systems to ensure high efficiency. Basics of three converters are described in this course, including the buck converter, the boost converter, and the buck-boost converter. Moreover, there are two kinds of control, the pulse-width modulation (PWM) and the pulse frequency modulation (PFM). In this course, fully-integrated converters and light-load efficiency improvement of converters will also be discussed.


What You Will Learn

  • Voltage reference circuits
  • Linear regulators
  • Switching regulators

Who Should Attend

Engineers and academia who are new to design and development of power management IC design and those who wish to learn the principles and operations of power management IC.

Course Structure

Introduction of Power Management IC

Voltage Reference Circuits

  • Supply-independent biasing
  • Temperature-independent references
  • Low-power differential CMOS Bandgap references
  • Curvature compensated Bandgap
  • Sub-1-V Bandgap

Linear Regulator

  • Concept of linear regulator
  • Structure of low-dropout regulator (LDO)
  • LDO specifications
  • LDO circuit Implementation
  • Output-capacitor-free LDOs

Switching Regulator

  • Concept of switching regulator
  • Buck, Boost & Buck-Boost converters
  • PWM/PFM control
  • Light-load efficiency improvement converters
  • Fully integration converters
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Program - Power Management IC Design
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Knowledge of basic operations of semiconductor devices and analog IC design.