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22 Jan 2021
The rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence has relied principally on the advances in computing hardware However, their system scale and energy efficiency are still limited compared to the brain Memristor or redox resistive switch, provides a novel circuit building block that may address these challenges in neuromorphic computing and machine learning In this talk, I will first briefly introduce the promises and challenges with regards to the use of memristors in realizing bio inspired computing Secondly, I will show examples of memristor based neuromorphic computing Novel Read more
13 Nov 2020
Spintronics has been widely studied for decades and various applications have been incubated from spintronics Particularly, spintronic memory has been considered as one of the most promising nonvolatile memory candidates to address the leakage power consumption in the post Moore’s era To date, spintronic memory family has evolved in four generation technology advancement and has achieved mass production in standalone and embedded applications On the other hand, from the architectural perspective, data transfer bandwidth and the related power consumption has become the most critical bottlene Read more
06 Nov 2020
Speaker: Bin GAO, Tsinghua University Date: 6 Nov 2020 Time: 10:00-11:30 AM Read more
12 Sep 2019
To enhance the interaction between HKUST and working professionals, the Academy for Continuing Education (ACE) is established. Its headquarter at the Futian Bonded Zone in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Special Collaborative Demo Zone. The renovation was completed in the end of 2019 and ready to serve the industry. In an enterprising move, the HKUST-Academy for Continuing Education is to be established in the Futian Bonded Zone in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Special Collaborative Demo Zone to provide technolgical education support to industry. Read more